Globalization: Good for Corporations, Bad for You

Nobody mentions it but global trade pacts contain language repealing all US laws in conflict with the treaty.

The pacts also require the US to override state laws conflicting with the treaty.

Example: California banned a Canadian gasoline additive it claims is carcinogenic. Saying NAFTA doesn't allow the ban, the company is suing California for \$970 million. 

We're not alone - Canada worries NAFTA forbids restricting water exports to the US


Globalization keeps reducing our sovereignty. Things like WTO rules forbidding agricultural subsidies limiting what farm aid bill Congress can pass, or giant fines we have to pay when we pass rules that they  find illegal.

Corporations push globalization because it lets them produce overseas, then import without tariffs - Companies dealing with themselves account for 40% of our foreign trade. 

Committees with no elected members pass all World Trade Organization regulations - at least they don't pass taxes, yet, or we have cause for revolution

Globalization encourages companies to shift operations to countries with lax worker protection laws - lack of safety, overtime pay and minimum wage are pluses when deciding plant locations.

The IMF forces countries needing loans to repeal social legislation and remove tariff protections. Big nation corporations then set up plants there and drive local business bankrupt.

Under globalization, you'll be able to buy imported goods cheaper than goods made here - provided you have a job and earn enough to buy such goods.

With globalization wages world wide will become the same, their wages will increase, ours decrease. Worldwide standards of living will  adjust too - guess which way ours will go.

Governments will be blackmailed by companies saying if rules aren't change, they'll move their operations to another country - sort of like major league teams blackmail cities.


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